This workshop is sample for anyone who wants to learn the basics of multirotor and how to build a quadcopter. Most importantly, no previous experience of building drone is required. Everything you are about to learn in this course will add up to your upcoming passion for drone.




What you’ll learn


-The basics and theory of flight
-Understand the safety considerations and precautions around flying
-Understand how various parts of a multi-rotor work together to allow a multirotor to function
-Learn how to choose a flight controller, appropriate sized and rated batteries, sufficiently rated electronic speed -controllers for the multirotor.
-Understand how to match propellers and motors and select an appropriate combination for the multi-rotor being built.
-Get to assemble their own miniature version of a 250 size racing multirotor
-Understand how to set up, configure and perform necessary procedures to get it ready for flight
-Go through hands-on tutorial such as simple flight exercises to learn how to move your multirotor around and obstacle course to put your skills to the test
-Gain an insight into the local hobby flying regulations, imposed by the CAAS
-Learn how to safety check their machines and ensure it is flight worthy


Fee includes:

-All materials, tools and equipment required for the class are provided
-Participant will go home with a free CX10 quad for practice. 


Trainer’s Achievements:

-Has an experience from 2011 – present for R/C and Autonomous that include (Fixed wing, -  Quadcopter and Helicopter).
-Is MOE certified CCA Instructor.
-Is Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS)-licensed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)  operator.
-Participated in IDA organized indoor drone race which is called “Tech-Friday” at Suntec.
-Currently teaching CCA such as Youth Flying Club (YFC) and National Cadet Corps Air (NCC  Air) at North Brooks Secondary School and Northland Secondary School.
-He has given career talks in Hillgrove Sec related to Aerospace such as the basic theory of  flight.



To build your very own drone, you can get all the fine materials in our website just by clicking on any one of our store categories. There are a variety of materials that we have to get you started with.


If you wish to bring home the quad you built, it will be priced as follow:

-Taranis X9D Plus Transmitter: SGD$262



-The built quad: SGD$272 which comprises of the following:


-FrSky D4RII receiver

-Magni Frame

-4x DYS 1806 Motors

-4x 12A ESC

-Naze32 Rev 

-Propellers Gemfan 5030 (Set of 4 CW, 4 CCW): SGD$10

-1300mah 3S 35C Battery: SGD$19.5

-S60 Battery Charger: SGD$68.50

-Other parts: please look on


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