Dark Knight Radio - Nirvana IA8X AND IA8S included

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  • Hall Sensor Gimbals
  • Module Bay Compatible - (Crossfire Compatible)
  • Open Tx
  • Crossfire Ready (Nano & Full)
  • 14 Channel
  • Trim tabs for planes and other craft that require it
  • Colour Touch Screen Display
  • CNC Accents
  • Customisable (3D printable individual finger holds/grips)
  • 2 FREE Receivers: Micro IA8X and IA8S (for <3") & Telemetry (for >5")
  • Native Protocol AFDHS2-A & "AFDHS3 compatible"
  • 18650 batteries not included
  • USB charging (cable included)
  • True trainer mode allowing you to link two Nirvana's together for full training systems. (Cable included)
  • Plug and play into Sims with a USB into your MAC or PC with a standard USB cable. 
  • Protective shell for "pack 'n go" protection of switches and gimbals.
Shipping weight: 0.300 Kg 
Dark Knight Radio - Nirvana IA8X AND IA8S included is available for purchase in increments of 1

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English / noun

"a state of consciousness which is above all others"


(Nir: To)(Va: Be)(Na: Free)

Project: Dark Knight..... Now officially the Nirvana, has been in the making for over 1 and a half years. It consisted of an international Team of Designers, Engineers, 3D Modelers, Suits, Free Thinkers, Rockers, Ravers, Dubsters, Tinkerers, Kids, Oldies and even some South Africans for good measure but most importantly FPV Enthusiasts

It was a culmination of these minds that lead to the ultimate end Goal "Nirvana"

The modular system allows personal customisation of the finger grips and various other parts. 

Soon, we will be loading up some different printable options onto Thingiverse, that allows limitless combinations of hand grips and finger pushers, neck strap holders and much much more. 

Twin RF systems allow you to swap between models, remembering if you're on crossfire or the internal RF as you pick and choose your model. 

Hot-swap battery system - truly allows you to hot swap out your batteries one at a time if you're running low on one of those epic long-range missions. 

When it comes to wanting a slim radio, just remove the module bay, and you have an ultra slim radio that slips straight into your backpack without extra cases. 


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