F51 – ATF (Assemble To Fly)

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F51 – ATF 5mm x-shaped single frame carbon fiber bottom plate is an ideal frame kit for entry-level and beginners who have profound interest in drone flying. The single piece 5mm carbon fiber plate is hard one to crack, so you can fly without the fear of crashing and breaking your frame wings.

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F51 – ATF (Assemble To Fly) is available for purchase in increments of 1

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F51-ATF is a 233mm (diagonal) x-shaped carbon fiber frame kit with a 5 mm single piece carbon fiber bottom plate and 2 mm carbon fiber top plate. The x-shaped 5-inch quad copter has a single piece 5mm carbon fiber bottom plate is a hard one to crack, thus making it ideal for beginners and starters who can fly without the fear of crashing and breaking your frame wings.

Suited for a 5” propeller, the F51-ATF 5-inch quad copter frame kit comes with PDB board, camera mount, aluminum stand-offs, nylon screw set, m3 screws, xt-connector, battery straps, landing foam pads and wiring.

About Frame

Material           : Carbon Frame (3K Twill)
Bottom Plate   : 5mm (single piece)
Top Plate         : 2mm

Product Size    : 233 mm (c-c diagonal); 188 mm x 238 mm (L x W)
Motor Size       : Any motor that can use 5’’ prop
Propeller          : 5-inch Propeller
FC Holes           : 30.5 mm (c-c)

Parts List (included in package)

  • 1 X Top Plate
  • 1 X Bottom Plate
  • 4 X Aluminium Stand-offs
  • 50 X M3 Screws
  • 160 X Nylon Screw Set
  • 1 X Power Distribution Board (With MultiWii OSD)
  • 1 X XT-60 connector – Male
  • 1 X Battery Strap
  • 4 X Landing Foam Pads
  • 1 X Electrical – 14AWG – Red
  • 1 X Electrical – 14AWG – Black
  • 1 X Signal – 22AWG – Black & White Twisted pair

Recommended Parts (not included in package)

  • ESC: 20A – 30 A per ESC, BL-Heli_S or KISS
  • Propeller : 5030, 5045
  • Battery: 3s,4s – 1500 mAh – 2200 mAh
  • Flight Controller : KISS, Betaflight
  • Motor: 2205, 2206, 2208, 2305 etc.


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